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Spaghetti is bland

I was thinking about what the heck I could post with a title like that and I still don't really know. I was thinking maybe do something like "What do you have in your life that's bland like spaghetti and how can you make it not so bland?" Then I realized, I never made the spaghetti less bland, I just ate it, didn't really like it, but hey I was hungry. I'm sure there were ways I could have made it better but I didn't feel like it.

Just now I thought how that could be applied to our lives, the idea not the food. Many of us live life in a kind of "blah, I don't care what happends today." mind set. We are bored, and even though we have tons of stuff we need to do we don't feel like we have anything to do. We wander through life in search of something to make our life less boring, but once we think we've found something that might put us out of the pit of boring we're stuck in it less us down and dumps us back in to try and find something else to get us out.

Back to my food, I was thinking just now, what if I put salt on it! It would probably make it taste better! If food is like our lives wouldn't it be nice to be able to just put some salt on our lives? Well we can! God's love is like salt, it adds flavor to our lives and pulls us from the deep pit of boringness. Though you don't have to know God to have flavor in your life, because if you know someone that loves you like a Boyfriend or Girlfriend that loves you for who you are, and not for your body, or your cooking, or some other talent or gift you might have. Now I'm not saying you should go out and try to find someone to be that close to you because that would a fake love, like using someone to make your life better. What I would do would be to get a group of close friends, people that you see everyday, and that you can conect with about anything.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say there, so it will probably be pretty confusing to people, and if it is tell me and I'll like take it offline....


Awesome analogy :-D

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