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New Blog!

Welp, after deciding that my "blogging" has been pretty sucky lately I've decided to start fresh, maybe leave my poor blogging more or less behind me (Yeah right!), and also start semi-regular blogging habits!

Anyway, I've moved to and will try to update semi-daily if I remember >_<


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"Wii"ll get used to it!

Today Nintendo offically named their next-gen console, previously code-named Revolution. The name? "Wii"

Wait! Before you start bashing the name just chill and say it a couple hundred times in your head. I have to say though, of all the things Nintendo has done that make people think that their either the most brilliant people on Earth or the stupidest, this takes the cake. But I do think it's a good idea, and I don't think anyone can sum things up better than this fine jedi:

Matt, please tell me YOU of all people can see how clever of a name this is? Only children say "wee" and the fact that the adults on the internet are using this as a play on words is pretty pathetic. Stay strong my friend, I enjoy the name, though not as good as Revolution.

And here I'll be defending this name until...people say it long enough that its common. I posted an another IGN editors blog that iPod, Playstation, and 360 are all pretty ridiculous names and all sounded stupid when first announced. It wasn't until we repeated them day in and day out until they made sense.

And Wii is a clever pictographic reference that uses it's pronounciation to enforce the idea of gamers coming together. And people hate on that?

Matt-IGN Blog Comment

I'll stand beside him in defending the name till people realize it's not that bad a name, or at least till the world ends. Which ever comes first. ^_~

Also, here's the Wii Offical Website (What little there is)


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German Spam!

Ok, so I'm looking through my GMail spam box jsut to see if anything important got through (and as usual, nothing did) and I see this:
"Pre-approvedd rate #pobclajhjfaj"

Which I found rather odd, I mean those aren't numbers! (Or maybe they are to the germans! The number P!) And so I open the email to find a huge bunch of what looks to be German mixed with English! (Gerlish or Engman):
alkene some andesine ! epileptic see embed on demarcate or porosity , shirtmake may dimension , amarillo on palladium and duplicate or boisterous not hoosier ! clint in introspect try assonant the complicity may newcastle be codomain , hereafter but frustrate on countermen , feminist in repulsive try des be pecan ! worth be sway on matriculate in mccann or enunciable some demark on bibb on barney try
Keine email hier and wrong but weldon on
may tend , germicide may
be busy not loci !
it bub but cognate ,

I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I felt I had to share. ^_^


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Experiments with Eggs

Ok, so Brian came over to my house for a few hours today! And we did funny things to eggs!

No, we didn't microwave them to see if they'd blow up. We cooked 'em! Only they didn't really turn out very well. See we were trying to make poached eggs but we didn't make the foil cups deep enough and we had too many in the pot, so three out of four sank under the water then the other one sorta sank and we made a fifth and that one didn't sink (it was deep enough) but it like.... didn't get cooked right! So in the end we stuck to scrammbled eggs.


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Fingerprint recognition and Ham! Ken Ham!

Well recently I've been able to recive a Microsoft Fingerprint Recognizer as a gift (<3 siblings with jobs) which is really neat because it's cool to be able to place your finger on the pad and have passwords be typed in on their own! (And it can switch between users when they place their finger on the pad which is neat)

Digital Persona (the company that makes the software) doesn't have much support for programs outside of IE but it does recognice the Master Password box in Netscape and Firefox so it still sorta works for them. It also can input passwords in Winzip (not like I use that much) and BYOND. I'm hoping they offer a little more support for other programs, that'd be nice of them. But for $10 what can you expect?

In truth there's hardly any support for personal fingerprint recognizers period, even on SourceForge there is a void (which is amazing). Though I'm thinking it's because of the fact that the recognizer is a little old so programs like Omnipass don't recognize the pad. Though I want to look into that a little more. It's sad that Omnipass and DigitalPersona are two of the only programs out there that actually support biometrics, at least they were the only ones Google came up with.

Hopfully there'll be someone who will make a program that offers greater support.


Anyway! In other news I've just found that Google Video has a lecture/serman by Ken Ham (Creationist) who is one of the most awesome people ever. He really does a good job making his point. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out:

Kan Ham on Google Video
(Note: It's 45 minutes long.)

If you click "More from this provider" there are some other videos by him. Pretty much any one with the picture "Answers in Genesis" as the preview thing. He deffinatly worth watching, even if you don't believe in Creationism.


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Innovation isn't the way?

Think again.

Nintendo today announced that its annual profits rose to a four-year high. The company said that strong demand for Nintendo DS and gains in the dollar attributed to a record dividend.

You can only imagine why, and if you said the Gamecube suddenly got popular you'd be wrong:

Nintendo said that sales of its dual-screen handheld were so strong in Japan that it had to make up for a shortage by selling systems originally intended for overseas markets.

As of right now I don't think anyone can read that and still say that innovation in the gameing market isn't the way to go. After all handheld systems tend to be on the low end of sales and Nintendo has just made enough money off the DS to boost them to a four-year financial high.

I can only imagine what Revolution will be like.

In other news:
Scripting Dynamic NPCs is like programming everything you'd script into a normal NPC (and more) only into a super small package and trying to get it to all work together. Geh. It almost seems easier to script all the possiblities seperatly. >_<


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