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"Wii"ll get used to it!

Today Nintendo offically named their next-gen console, previously code-named Revolution. The name? "Wii"

Wait! Before you start bashing the name just chill and say it a couple hundred times in your head. I have to say though, of all the things Nintendo has done that make people think that their either the most brilliant people on Earth or the stupidest, this takes the cake. But I do think it's a good idea, and I don't think anyone can sum things up better than this fine jedi:

Matt, please tell me YOU of all people can see how clever of a name this is? Only children say "wee" and the fact that the adults on the internet are using this as a play on words is pretty pathetic. Stay strong my friend, I enjoy the name, though not as good as Revolution.

And here I'll be defending this name until...people say it long enough that its common. I posted an another IGN editors blog that iPod, Playstation, and 360 are all pretty ridiculous names and all sounded stupid when first announced. It wasn't until we repeated them day in and day out until they made sense.

And Wii is a clever pictographic reference that uses it's pronounciation to enforce the idea of gamers coming together. And people hate on that?

Matt-IGN Blog Comment

I'll stand beside him in defending the name till people realize it's not that bad a name, or at least till the world ends. Which ever comes first. ^_~

Also, here's the Wii Offical Website (What little there is)


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