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Innovation isn't the way?

Think again.

Nintendo today announced that its annual profits rose to a four-year high. The company said that strong demand for Nintendo DS and gains in the dollar attributed to a record dividend.

You can only imagine why, and if you said the Gamecube suddenly got popular you'd be wrong:

Nintendo said that sales of its dual-screen handheld were so strong in Japan that it had to make up for a shortage by selling systems originally intended for overseas markets.

As of right now I don't think anyone can read that and still say that innovation in the gameing market isn't the way to go. After all handheld systems tend to be on the low end of sales and Nintendo has just made enough money off the DS to boost them to a four-year financial high.

I can only imagine what Revolution will be like.

In other news:
Scripting Dynamic NPCs is like programming everything you'd script into a normal NPC (and more) only into a super small package and trying to get it to all work together. Geh. It almost seems easier to script all the possiblities seperatly. >_<


Adorei o site.

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