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Name: Hawk-McKain
Location: Colorado, United States
Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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Brian Came Over!

YAY! I had fun today, Brian came over to my house and brought pizza and Castle in the Sky and DS9! But I didn't watch much DS9. Castle in the Sky was greay though ^_^ I'm going to have to buy it along with all the other Anime I want.... We also played on the GameCube, that was t3h l33t! All in all, I had much fun!

On a side note: Ryan has been getting out of hand as a girl. He is using perfectly fine non-perverted people on RO. That goes against the unwriten rules of being a girl on an MMORPG. I have recelty disavowed him. Any mention of this "user" will result in loss of your head.


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