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Netscape 8.0 BETA pros and cons

Since Mr. Bizzarro posted about how Netscape 8.0 BETA is so bad, I shall post some of the things I've found out about it.

Netscape is far better than FireFox, even in it's BETA stage. It has this passcard thingy that allows you to have it pop down a little toolbar asking you, with a dropdown menu, which passcard you would like to use. Making it easier to have multipul accounts on one site. It will also give you the options to auto-fill the Username and Password boxes, then it'll do that and log you in if you like. So yeah, that alone it better than ANY extention I've ever seen, and I've looked through all of them.

not only that, Multibars, allows you to have an RSS News Feed Bar, and a Bookmarks bar, and a local information bar, and a Top bar with RSS Feeds, and weather, and anything else, on ONE bar, you just click a button on it changes bars. It can also hold up to 10 of those sub.bars on one main bar.

Then to conserve space further, it puts the File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmars, Tools, and Help buttons up next to the Minamize, Fullscreen, and Close buttons, so they don't have a while bar to themselves, but if you don't like them there you can put them back on their own bar.

Another cool thing is that you can right click on a page as select "Display like Internet Explorer" So if you have a page that doesn't load right in Netscape you don't need to use that one extention that opens the link in a new IE window. Then if you're displaying the page like IE you can change it back by pressing "Display like Netscape" so you're not stuck.

Now one bad change is that you can no longer install Extentions, like AdBlock and Mouse Gestures, even though they added am Extentions manager, though I'm pretty sure once they stablize the build and release the full version you'll be able to use that.

Another bad thing, you can't change skins really, since you'd be missing a few icons. And this skin isn't the best, it hurt my eyes at first.

Lastly, it is pretty unstable, though one of my friends actually crashed his Firefox from too many things he did to it, it's not so unstable that it'll crash everytime you try to do something, but depending on where you go you'll probably have a crash every one to two days. It crashes mostly at "Gaia Online" but I think that's because a large part of the site is in Flash so if you don't over use the Flash it'll be fine.


Ya know.... I'm fudging tired of your debates of stupid browsers......

yeah, I mean, what the helicopter! Other than that, Netscape and Firefox are like huge brothers who always fight and try to kill each other then amass huge armies and go at each other yelling battle cries.

Oh, now I see why you were bleh and not wanting to talk to me, well um.... I must get my point across in a civlized manner

lol, but.... Netscape is like Microsoft and FireFox is like Apple..... and I really mean that with the Netscape BETA

"Netscape is like Microsoft and FireFox is like Apple..... and I really mean that with the Netscape BETA."
-- Patrick

Well, not especially. Nowadays Firefox is beginning to turn into something else, certainly not Microsoft. Sort of like a new entity taking power.

Netscape is, sadly (or not), fading from view. It started declining ever since Netscape 6 came out. I think it's time to face it. Netscape is dying.

And I expect it to be before 2008.

Long live Firefox.

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