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Do you know what a Drafter is?

A drafter is someone that makes detailed and descriptive blueprints of objects that are to be manufactured or built. Such blueprints are used as a guide for production workers. The blueprints reveal the object from all sides, showing technical details such as the exact dimensions, the specific materials needed, and procedures to be followed.

Drafters are required to be able to think on their feet. They must be able to reason well and solve problems efficiently, along with thinking outside of the box. Drafters need to be able to manage people well, changing their behavior in relation to other’s actions. When they are supervisors are responsible for the drafters under them.

They also need to have a good sense of technology, before the invention of the personal computer drafters sat at drawing boards using such drafting tools as, compasses, dividers, protractors, and triangles to prepare blueprints. Now most drafters use computer-aided drafting programs making it quicker and easier to prepare many variations of a design; each variation reflecting a different manufacturing or construction approach.

Along with a strong intellect and good people skills drafters must also be physically fit. They must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time; they must also have good motor control for manipulating tools or controls. In addition they must have good eye sight, being able to make out details on objects less than a few feet away, along with that they distinguish colors, and shades of color.

The average wage for a drafter is about $18.00 an hour, and $3,200 a month. Drafters who work full time usually receive benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, and paid vacations.


Makes you want to be drifter, eh? ;)

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