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I have a rant....

Recently Preston commented on the post before the last one. He said "Wow. What a pointless post." (don't ask why I deleted it if I'm talking to you about it now, I mean that.) You may ask why it matters, other than the fact most of my posts would fall under his so called category of "Pointless". What makes that post so pointless? Is it because he didn't witness it? Because he doesn't like bird crap? He doesn't find the humor in it? I don't know.

All I have to say to that is, because it is about one of my friends it automaticly because one of the best posts on my blog. Unless I posted something degrading about one of my friends, or anyone really, then it can be called pointless. So please, don't comment like that, it does nothing but show that you really don't like my blog, and if that is the case I would ask you to please stop reading. What is the point of reading or doing something you don't like? (Mind you there are times you should not quote me on that.....)


Sorry about that. I think your blog is great and I take back that last comment that you deleted.

First impressions always blind even the wisest.

but that was my second impression.... thank you though, but please be considerate of other's blogs.

What's the point of blogging if you only want praise?

Some advice: if you don't like a comment, ignore it. In the mean time, you can't expect everyone to be in love with what you write.

I never said that, but if you know how I blog that kind of post isn't rare, I'm not looking for praise on everything but I don't want people saying "Wow. What a pointless post."

Your rule also applys to the reader, if they don't like a post, ignore it.

ditto. There are a lot of people who see fit to give their opinions on everything that the see or read that they don't like or that they really like. While it is true that one shouldn't post rude comments, criticism should be dealt with. By the way... who said there had to be a point in blogs?

Anyhoo... be nice to Pat.

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