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"Further, the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that networks cease all analog broadcasts by the end of 2008, according to legislature. "A much-discussed proposal in the House of Representatives would set December 31, 2008 as the cut-off date. This date seems to have support throughout the Congress -- Senate Commerce Committee Chair Ted Stevens is expected to soon introduce legislation that also sets this cut off date," says the CEA's Joseph. "When analog broadcasts end, traditional analog sets will not be able to receive the new digital over-the-air signals.""

One word, extortion. Basicly the HD people paid the House and the Senate huges semi's full of solid gold bars so they'd do that. Fortunately..... It'll be about time to launch a new console for the three companies (though if we go by trend Nintendo will launch in 2009 and the other two will launch in 2011). But still, what if people don't have the money for digital sets and REALLY want to watch TV or something? That's just stupid. Maybe there is more reasoning behind the decision, but if the TV stations want to broadcast in analog they should be alowed to.


I know I ain't the brightest person in the world. But you have no idea how many times I get lost in some of your excerpts. lol. Would you mind possibly explaining it in my terms? lol.

I think it's a good thing. It won't be followed though, for example Congress passed a law requiring all cars to be low-fuel emitting vehicles by this year (I think it was this year) and as far as I can see it's not being followed at all. Sure SUV's are more fuel-efficient because of the costs, but as a rule there's no new technology for it. So outlawing the degrading technology that's not good will only force us to upgrade. Sure there's some people wh won't be able to afford the new TV sets, but since the analog will be taken off the air either they'll get out from in front of the TV and go do something productive or go buy a new one. For anyone else, if you've bought a TV since 2000, it's probably compliant with the new standard (I'm guessing here, don't quote me.)

Also, how are you accusing the broadcasting companies of bribery? This was voted on by Congress. They're not a special interest group, you know.

lol, but..... the special interest groups paid congress to vote a certain way! It happens in all the sci-fi books and shows!

fiction. You know what that word means?

They did it I tell you!

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