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Name: Hawk-McKain
Location: Colorado, United States
Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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For better or for worse.

Well I don't know if it's good or bad but I'm getting back into Guild Wars. Not only that I've joined a fan site and have sent my application in for two Guilds. The first (Xen of Onslaught(XoO)) I thought looked nice and well organized, but you have to be 17 years old or older so since I didn't want to be turning 18 I said I was turning 17 and they haven't responded to my post yet. I doubt they will though since the recruter recruted some other 21 year old who looked like he still used chat speak >_>

So disheartened I went back to the Guild War Guru's Guild List and searched changed my search criteria and found my second Guild, Canvas Black (CB). They don't look too bad, not as many people as XoO, and they have a minimum age of 16, but I've passed for that before and I have the voice for it on TeamSpeak so I'm waiting for their reply. So hopefully they let me join since the rest of the Guilds that the search yeilded wern't that great. I guess I can only hope or wait till I get older to join a TeamSpeak guild.


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