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Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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w00t! New Skin!

Made by his truly.... CAPTAIN BIZZARRO! YEAH! that doesn't make sense.... oh well, Bizzarro made it as says the copyright! Anyway! it rocks! I'll change a few things, if he lets me, you know, splicing. I've already done 3 hours worth..... (O_O <-- my eyes) though I don't know if Bizzarro will let me use them.

Things like lines between links, navbar text to identify each section, a bit of width changing to get the links right since I have a couple ones longer that the border, ect. nothing major, but I'll still ask tomorrow. Oh and I've edited, for size, and transfered most of the pictures over to my Imageshack for the unlimted bandwidth. I'm guessing he'll have a problem with my width editing but I'll still ask. Other than those things and a line of code that somehow places the copyright and banner links in the center of the footer I don't think I changed anything else, just learned a bunch ^^


Congrats on the new skin, Pat - by the way, I helped Brian (Captain Bizzarro) a ton with the CSS and the layout (staying up 'til midnight helping him lol). Hope you like what we conceived - certainly seems like it. ; )

Yeah I do, though I'm tweaking it a lot. But Brian said that was ok as long as I didn't change it majorly. But if I did.... I could just call it my own! That'd be interesting though I really like the Last Exile theme but I need to put Alex's face on it somewhere.....

Erm, you could just put it as your profile picture....

I was thinking that, lol, now to work or the strength to change it. Being my Lazy self it might take a while.

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