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Weird pop up.

I have this weird pop up that likes to crash Netscape if I don't let it run through and load all the way. So if anyone else has that problem in another browser, let me know and I'lll start taking out enhancements I've made or something. If nothing else I'll revert back to the clean skin and add my lniks back in.


Is the popup in your blog or is it from some external source? ... I'm not having that kind of problem ...

If they're from your blog then I suggest either using a browser other than Netscape and/or getting a pop-up blocker (Firefox has a very good one)

If they're from some external source you've got a problem ... I'd say download Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta.

That's what I'm not sure of.

As for Netscape, it's freaking based FireFox now, they have pretty much the same pop-up blocker. Netscape can't have adblocker or anything, but that's not the problem.

And for external source I know it's not that because if I don't select the blogger tab it doesn't come up, which is weird.....

I'm just going to get rid of the chatter box, I think that's the problem.

Good idea.

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