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Fun times.

Well I had a good time tonight, I went to a meeting at my church for the new sunday school (Adventure Mountain) curiculum we're going to be using (FLiPT (I think)) and we got Pizza and hung out most of the time. Then after that we went over to out Youth Pastor's appartment and watched.... uh.... some funny moive where you're watching some guy and his robots making fun of some cheesy moive. I'm sure Brian will be able to remember, but it's..... almost 1 in the morning here and I don't have a good memory normaly. ^^;

Anyway, I wouldn't have been able to see the moive if it hadn't been for Brian and the fact he was able to give me a ride. Of course we have to thank whom ever said he could too. So yeah, if Brian liked being hugged I'd hug him for the rides he's given me, but he doesn't, so.... I'll whip up a big thank you in Photoshop sometime, like tomorrow.


On a second note, Flash Flash Revolution is really fun. Even more so that they got a real time multiplayer ^^ and it's all free, you just need to sign up!


On a third note, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been delayed till next year.

But to all those people that don't have the money to buy Revolution when it's released:
"In effect, because of the backward compatibility built into Revolution, every GameCube game also will be a Revolution title," she said. "But we feel a commitment to the GameCube owners who've been patiently awaiting this new Zelda title, and don't want to force them to wait and buy a brand new system in order to play the game."

Makes me love Nintendo all the more. And furthermore:
"The philosophy of 'quality-first' still lives within Nintendo and it's something we won't compromise on. When Zelda game arrives, we hope to hear that players are thrilled with it and believe the wait was worth it. We think it will be."

I personaly think that if Nintendo believe's it'll be worth the wait then it must be. They've never let us down before have they? And if you have an example, shove it. Just Kidding, lol. ^^;


Anyway, on a final note....
Revolution Teasing. This (took me a while to find again) is very interesting because at the end Bernd Fakesch said:
"The only thing I can tell you is that very soon there will be important news about Revolution."

This means of course that if that holds true I'll be flaming you with totaly excited, and maybe even some over-rated, news about Revolution.

One thing I don't like and really love though is this comment.
"Ending the Revolution topics he finished by saying, "We're all wondering what the Revolution controller will look like, but I think right now we should focus on discussing our current products.""

Though they are shying away from telling us more about Revolution it's good that they're not only focusing on the future but also the present which I thnik is a good thing, they're not going to neglect what we have now and super-hype-up what we can't have. I think that's a smart move on their part.


And with that I'm going to go to bed and get some sleep to do math! Woohoo! This is by far the longest post I've writen in a long while and I hope I didn't lose you half way through. If I did, well.... I'll blame it on the time! Maybe sometime I'll write that review of Princess Mononoke and make Brian's thank you picture. Until then, Farewell and Good Night, Morning even!


"I hope I didn't lose you half way through."

Unfortunately, you did! Just joking ... your posts are always provocative and enjoyable. You ought to sleep earlier -- you might collapse somewhere if you don't.

'Twas Mystery Science Theater 3000. A very funny movie! And you're welcome, it was fun! ^_^

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