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Image Shack Ad!

Just today I was able to get two things that make Image Shack one of the best free image hosts out there today.

I was able to get their "Quick Load" program to work. It allows you to upload files directly from Explorer (you know the one that lets you look at all your files ^^) to your account on Image Shack just by right clicking! I don't know why it didn't work, but it didn't, anyway! That's going to be useful since whenever I make a siggy/avatar for someone I generaly make more than one to choose from and it gets annoying having to go to the site then upload one at a time. Quick Load allows you to upload as many as you want all at once! ^^

I found "Quick Shot" which lets you take a screen shot and upload it in two key strokes. Though I probably won't need to upload screen shots very often it's much much faster than pressing "Prt Scrn", opening an image editor, pasting the screen shot, then saving it. This does it all at once and has a "Gaming Mode" which I'm guessing makes it so you don't have hundreds of screen shots if you're playing a game ^^

Though I did find one thing I wanted but could have and that was a fire fox extention. (>_> Don't even start.) But that's not really a problem since I have the Quick Load. AND! I'm going to add an upload form to my Nav Bar! Be happy! I said BE HAPPY! *gr*

Ok, that's all I can think to post. Just Remember I'm your #1 source for any information on the Revolution! Ok, not #1 but I'll keep you updated at the very least ;)


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