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Manila Envelopes are cool!

So are serrated blades, but we'll talk about that later.

Ok so about the Manila Envelopes, I got one in the mail today.
*flash back*

One happy day in August Patrick was walking outside. He was going to check the mail because it was almost his birthday. He was thinking about all the fun he was going to have with his friends. Esspecialy his girlfriend Lily (I'm just going with the plot....). But Patrick want's paying attention to where he was going and tripped over a box. Patrick went flying and landed on his bum. But it wasn't an ordinary box, it was a mail box for Patrick! Whatever could be inside? Maybe it was a free Revolution, or a dolly, or a brick, or maybe a Walrus with a top-hat (I'm sure you all know now.) but no it's something better than all of those things combined! It's a Manila Envelope! Manila Envelopes are Patrick's favorite mailing device in the whole wide universe! Why he sends Revolutions to people with a glass of orange juice evryday! If he was stranded on a destert island with only one source of mail it would be a Manila Envelope!

One time he had a dream where it rained Manila Envelopes, the grass was blue, and Hamburgers ate people! Yes it was true! Patrick's favorite mailing device beyond a shadow of a doubt are Manila Envelopes! Lily must have sent the Manila Envelope for Patrick because she loves him. But while Patrick was day dreaming a frog came by and ate the Manila Envelope via osmosis. Patrick was quite upset but he politly axed the frog why he ate his birthday Manila Envelope. Then he explained to the frog that Manila Envelopes were his favorite mailing device and he was really looking forward to opening it but the frog wouldn't listen to Patrick all he wanted to do was hop away!

After Patrick got tired the frog stopped by the mailbox and look what he found! There was another Manila Envelope in the mailbox! The frog explained to Patrick that he didn't have breakfast and he was very very hungry and appologized for eating the Manila Envelope. Patrick felt very sorry for the frog and accepted his appology. He invited the frog to his birthday party.

So they both went to the birthday party and played Game Cube! (Patrick's Birthday party was sponsored by Nintendo of America) The. End.


By the way, that was a very long way of saying Lily sent me a Manila Envelope with my birthday present in it. Which was an awesome picture of a guy (or maybe a girl) pushing clouds out from in front of the sun saying "Outta the way, Clouds! It's Patrick's Birthday!" So yeah, I also wanted to talk about Manila Envelopes so two birds with one stone! (that's really hard to do.)



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