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WARNING: Serrated blades can be dangerous.

Ok, so I mentioned them in my last post, now for the follow up. I wanted to keep the other post on top longer, but.... I'll just tell you to go look at it in this one and that'll work well enough!

So anyway, about the warning, I was trying to make a throwing star out of a CD (I don't remember what site I got the idea from) and each time I had used sissors the CD would always shatter at some point in the process (I think it's just that AOL CDs suck) and so this time I thought I'd try my serrated Swiss Army Knife since it's really sharp. At first I tried to saw into the CD along the lines I had made but that didn't work so I was scoring a section to cut out and, me being the smart person I am, was scoring towards my leg, on my leg (by the groin even), and I went too far and made a cut in my pants. I was really amazed at how clean a cut it made with such little effort, lol.

So remember, don't work with knives on your legs, esspecialy near your groin, and if you do keep some duct tape around ^^ if you happen to find denum colored duct tape use that. I had to stick with camo, but it's all good.


So that's why you had duct tape on your pants in church this morning!

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