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Four years.

Wow. I'm not sure how man of you remembered today is the Fourth anniversary of the terror attacks on the World Trade Centers but it's amazing the attacks were four years ago. I still remember what I was doing that morning/afternoon, channel surfing (go Arthur!). My mom had made sure the TV was set to PBS since it was a Tuesday and she had her bible study to go to so once Arthur was over it was something like Barney or Dragon Tails and I didn't want to watch those so I flipt the channel and saw the replays of the attack, I wasn't sure what was going on so I rushed upstairs and woke Andrew up saying the Two Towers had been bombed and he didn't believe me for a second, heck, I wasn't even sure if what I had seen was true but unfortunatly it all was.

Doesn't seem like it's been 4 years but there hasn't been another attack on US soil since (or any of North America for that matter, as far as I know anyway) which is pretty amazing since there are attacks all over the world. Makes me glad I live here in the States. It's amazing how so many people can complain about it too. We're the least hit country in the world and yet we seem to complain more, or at least louder, than ever other country.

Anyway, as to day is the foruth anniversary of September 11th, please take sometime as some point to day and think about all the families that lost loved ones bcause of the attack. And remember, we will never forget what happend on that day four years ago!


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