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Name: Hawk-McKain
Location: Colorado, United States
Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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I could fool you all.

I just realized there is a tag I can use to make certain things on my blog visable only to the adminastrator of the blog, me. Though I've used to for a link that links me to the new post screen at the end of my links section. Look if you like you won't beable to see it.

Ok, so on to the point of the topic. I could use that link to make two layouts. One that only I could see and one everyone else would beable to see! Maybe I should! You'd nevre know it! HA!


You do that. And let me know how you do on Yahoo Messenger (hint, hint, cough).

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