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Name: Hawk-McKain
Location: Colorado, United States
Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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I'm Internet Explorer Compatable!

Well in my attempt to make my blog better I made it wider! I'm sure a few of you might have noticed. Anyway, while I was changing things around I tried out the thing that should have made one version of my blog viewable only to me (which didn't work by the way) I had to use IE and I found out there was a major flaw that placed the sidebar under all the posts, so that's fixed ^_^

I've still got more I plan on messing with but I wanted to get the width problem out of the way. There's still a slight problem in IE but nothing that will hinder normal opperation.

So yeah, sorry to anyone that ever tried to view my blog in IE, you shouldn't have a problem now!


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