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Late Night Rant..... *thunder and lightining*

T.T Netscape crashed and what I had of my post went with.....

Anyway! As I was saying, it's midnight, I'm waiting for the laundry to finish, I think I'll write a rant about something.... Well ok this time it's about Nintendo (aren't all my rants about Nintendo anymore?) but this time it's not a "OHMYGOSH NINTENDO PWNZOR J00!" type rant, no it's more of a "Nintendo, know I'll always always love you no matter what but you're starting to get on my nervers." type rant.

So lets begin! This time I shall do the age old thing and link you to an article on IGN! (I love IGN.... *sigh*) Que fluffy pink border! Metriod Prime: Hunters gains the 'WiFi power-up!

Read it? Well you don't really need to because what I'm about to rant about only deals with these lines here:
"Earlier this week Nintendo revealed that Metroid Prime: Hunters for the Nintendo DS has been delayed into 2006. Today, the company announced that the game will be using that extra time so the development team can implement support for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online service."

OK, now sure that's all fine and dandy, I love Metriod and I love WiFi it'll be great to see the two together atlast but jeeze, you've already pushed off The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 'til 2006! I was fine with that, I'm not a hardcore Zelda fanatic and as much as I enjoyed the former Zelda games I wasn't near as psyced as most people. SO yeah I can deal with that push off, and it's not like Halo 2 anyway they're actually adding to the game not cutting it in half so they can make people pay another $50 for Halo 3. (I love Windows but Microsoft annoys me too.)

Back to Metriod! This news did come as a bit of a suprise since I was under the impression that it would come with WiFi anyway and that I was psyced about. Heck I'd be psyced about Hunters even if it was Single Player only since Metriod Prime on a handheld > all. Now I am glad they decided to add the WiFi thing, and it's even better because, as I'm sure you all know, Nintendo is offering their WiFi network for free and so I'll beable to play people anywhere adding many many fold to the fun since the multiplayer is extrodinary and that's just on the demo!

Even still, I hope Nintendo doesn't push off the rumored revealing of Revolution's contoller at the Tokyo Game Show, but even if they do it's just a rumor but it'd certainly be nice of Nintendo, and believe me if they do you'll be blasted with capital letters for quite possibly an entire post. ^__^

Lastly it's time for everyone's favorite part of the post! ADS!
This post's advertisment is a Devart site. Someone's Devart account!
YAY! For shameless self advertising! ^__^ You know you love me!

I'm quite enjoying making these types of posts (so much I'm going to start naming them!), I hope they don't get too old anytime soon, gimme a month or two and I'll be back to my normal once everyother week posts!

From all of me here at Ranting: Late Night Edition this is,
Patrick Kennedy
a.k.a. PakAttack 1*1
a.k.a. Hawk McKain
To all my three or so readers have a great day/night/week!


Well, I have the same views, but I'm nowhere near the Nintendo fanatic you are.

For example, I'm waiting for the W3C to release CSS 2.1 which has been in development for like what four years, and I'm kind of disappointed in Microsoft's slow creation of Internet Explorer 7.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the whole "I love Windows but Microsoft annoys me". I'm not much of a gamer -- most of the games I wanted have already come out and I'm waiting on my allowance to increase -cough- so I can buy all of 'em.

Good rant. Cheers!

Such a Nintendork ^_^

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