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P is for Pointless

I wonder, how many of my posts actaully mean something. How many actually give something back to the people that read them instead of just wasting their time? Probably not many. I'm going to try and change that as best I can, hopefully it works out. ^_~

Ok, lets start with some constructive feedback. Now is not the time for those fun "what do you want me to blog about" feedbacks but this time I want to know what can make my blog better. A wider Nav bar? I was thinking that (Sorry Brian, I love the skin it's just not wide enough!). What else? I've added the quotes which are always fun (one of the reason I need a wider sidebar). I'm going to try adding a clock that will work for everyone since I know Brian had problems with my last one. Hm.... Maybe better links, most of them on there I barely use anymore....

You know, stuff like that, what would make you say "I want Patrick's Blog to be my homepage" or at least part of your home tabs?


Well, I already have you on my favorites list and I think Brian did an excellent job doing the layotu that you've only had for what a month.

I don't think you should do anything -- it is perfect -- I shoudl say almost. One problem I noticed (to consult Brian about) is that when you set your monitor to resolutions higher than 1024 x 768, the diagonal line background falls apart. I can send you a screenshot if you need one.

one last thing -- you should take away the bullets on the links section by using list-style-type: none;.

Finally, you should read my last comment on "I Could Fool you All".

Well I think it looks really good right now. Just keep on not posting that wallpaper wednesday thing. That could turn out really annoying....

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