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Revolution and the Tokyo Game Show

Well until just about an hour ago I never knew when the TGS was! But now I know it runs the weekend of the 16th which is in 2 weeks from tomorrow. This means there might be new about Revolution's Controller! Even two weeks away I'm very excited about any new news from Nintendo. Also some rather humerous information from IGN:

Question: What do you think the special hook of the Nintendo Revolution controller will be?

Trackball - 4.2% - 648 votes
Squishy feel - 4.5% - 704 votes
Gyroscope - 12.8% - 1974 votes
Brain wave control - 11.6% - 1802 votes
Touch screen - 24.6% - 3790 votes
Wheel - 0.7% - 111 votes
Glove form - 4.6% - 714 votes
Reconfigurable layout - 12.8% - 985 votes
No buttons - 7.0% - 1083 votes
Nothing - 16.8% - 2595 votes

Total Votes - 100% - 15406 votes

Personaly I believe either Glove Form, Reconfigurable Layout, or maybe squishy feel. Possible even a combination of the three. Out of those anyway, I've got other ideas though. One based off the saying "Touching is good but feeling is better." and that one is a controller that shifts to feel like whatever you're "touching" in the game, that could go along with the "squishy feel". After all, Nintendo does hold patents on we'll just have to wait and see.

For the total article for the poll follow this link and take your first page.


A little insert! w00t! About the TGS even >_>
Check out the Tokyo Game Show offical site. There isn't a whole lot of info there but hey, who needs info, we're all just droolling right? (heh heh, I typed drolling ^^;)
I really wanna go! and only 1,200 yen per person! That's like $1.20 here! (a buck twenty for all y'all Texans and Coloradins out there) Too bad airfair is like.... a lot more than that! Oh well, I'll just listen in second hand with IGN!

Anyway! More about the controller!
The writer of the poll article said:
"Of all the theories buzzing around the Web these days, it looks like the inclusion of gyroscopic control is most viable, if only because Nintendo has used simple forms of the technology in previous efforts."

This is backed up in part by the patents Nintendo holds for gyroscopic technology. Those could just be for the current uses they have out there today but you never know.

Nintendo also holds patents on (to quote)
Texture morphing process provided by the preferred embodiment of the present invention
Haptic sensations for tactile feedback interface devices
Directional tactile feedback for haptic feedback interface devices
Cursor control using a tactile feedback device
Data filter for haptic feedback devices having low-bandwidth communication links
Interface for controlling a graphical image
Position sensor with resistive element
Controller interface for a graphics system

Game system with tilt sensor and game program including viewpoint direction changing feature
Game device changing sound and an image in accordance with a tilt operation
Interactive electronic game having gyroscopic output effect

Video game controller with integrated microphone and speaker

OK, there are a few of the patents I found, mind you I have no clue what so ever what most if not all of them mean so if some smart person comes along and figures out that every single one of them have nothing to do with a gaming system's controller please let me know ^^;

So yeah, if some of those are connected with Revolutions Controllers it would seem to indicate that it'll have something to do with the sense of touch!

Anyway! That's all my rambling about Revolution for today! I hope some of this made sense and was in some way useful if not please disreguard it and just worry about the first half! ^^; Untill next post, Sayonara!


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