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Wallpaper of the Week 56! (WotW)

Once again it's Wednesday.... on frieday! Though really Guild Wars in calling it "Wallpaper of the Week" WotW! I like Wallpaper Wednesday. But.... so I don't get hatemail.... I'm now calling it the proper name.

So without further adieu I give you Wallpaper #56!

My impression of the wallpaper is first off that is is from the latest update which added a while new area to explore: Sorrow's Furnace. Not too suprising that they'd make a wallpaper for it's launch.

Beside that I really get the feeling it's looking at me, or even for me. It looks a lot like something from Wild Wild West (good movie if you ever get the chance to see it.) mixed with the Borg Queen's head from Star Trek: Voyager with her spine all wiggling.... ::Shiver:: really creepy.


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