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The Role Playing Contest

Welp! I'm so excited I felt I had to post!

See on Xeterous there is a contest that will decide the next admin! After a long wait for the actual characters and plot to be written up by our tireless admin Oni the contest is set to begin this weekend! Basicly there are 11 contestants (including myself) and each of us get a randomly selected pre-made character to help even the playing field. There will be, or should be, 11 total chapters and at the end of each one of the contestants will be killed off 'til there is only one remaining and that one lucky member will be named admin!

Here is the character that I was given:

Name: Shiroji

Race: Human

Class: Wu Jen

Description of yourself: Shiroji is a human male of rather short stature (about 5'4"). He has tan skin and normally wears a white red and yellow kimono that is tied tightly by a red obi (an oriental belt). His hair is long and dark brown, but he usually keeps it tied back in a ponytail, however his bangs often fall in front of his face. He carries a wooden staff that is polished and well kept. A small, plain book is kept in his obi--this book is his grimoire.

What type of weapons, skills, abilities, do you know?: Shiroji is a member of the Wu Jen class, a mysterious group of spell-casters who commune with the spirits and elementals. His powers are kept by a certain taboos, which will be explained later. His spells are linked to the elements, and so he must focus on one element to master--that element is earth. With this mastery, he can manipulate earth with a greater ease and power then other casters. His arcane manipulation is much different then wizards. He uses his inner ki to convert into mana, which affects the magickal/material world.

Sudden Action--Once per day, Shiroji can use his ki to burst forth from inside, greatly increasing his speed.

Elemental Conversion--Shiroji can convert lower level spells from one element to the element of earth, and only earth. This doesn't work both ways, however, and so only spells can be converted into earth based spells. Doing so takes alot out of Shiroji, and so he cannot use this ability cannot be used too often.

Ray of Frost--Shiroji has the ability to extend his hand and project a ray of freezing air and ice particles. The ray, if it hits it's target, does a small amount of elemental cold damage.

Mending--Shiroji can magickally repair mundane objects, but only minor faults can be fixed with one spell. Numerous spells can completely repair the item, but that takes time and effort. For instance, if a small sack of cloth had a hole in it mending would completely fix it, yet if that same sack was merely threads, numerous mendings would be required to fix it.

Magick Stone--Shiroji can infuse three stones with magickal energies, creating miniscule weapons. Unlike other casters, Shiroji can change the shape of the stones minorly. For instance, Shiroji can make the stone a small spike, dealing more piercing damage, or he could make it larger, creating more blunt damage. With this spell, he can also change small objects into the stones used to charge.

Elemental Burst--Shiroji casts this spell on an item (either inanimate or animate). When designated, the object releases a charge of elemental damage. So, any item affected by this would expel a burst of small stone shards in a 25 ft. radius, damaging all who fall prey to the spell. The spell doesn't change the item cast upon at all (so, he could use it on a creature and the creature wouldn't be affected).

Hail of Stone--Shiroji brings down a hail of stone from above dealing moderate damage to all within 5ft. of him. The spell works both outside and inside.

All earth elemental spells are in green.
All water elemental spells are in blue.
Wu Jen class abilities are in orange.

Personality: Shiroji is a mysterious young man. He normally keeps to himself, but when he does he is often very nice, polite, and courteous. He follows his social taboos to a tooth, and so he appears somewhat weird to others. His taboos are as follows: cannot eat meat, cannot own more then he can carry, must make a daily offering (a few stones) to the earth spirits, cannot bathe, cannot cut his hair, cannot touch a dead body, cannot drink alcohol, cannot wear black, cannot light a fire, cannot sit facing north. Beyond those, he is generally aligned for the greater good of all. He believes that Xeterous was created pure--all her earth--and so she must keep the good nature of the earth. He is a nice person, but quiet.

Feel free to come watch if you like, it shouldn't be too fast paced!


Wow! I actually read all of that <.< *giggles* That's funny.....

YAY! CELIA! *hugs* I love you.....

But yeah, I really love "cannot sit facing north" that's just.... something I'd never have thought to add! I even intend to print that out so I can have it in front of me when I'm making my posts. ^_^

That sounds so cool I hope you win!! LEt me know how you do!

It'll be close. There are some very good Role Players cometing with me so it should be close. It might take a while though but I'll keep you update. Thanks too!

You and your RPing. Silly human.

You got a problem with me being silly? Nope? Good!

I don't either!!

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