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Welcome to the Human World!

Heya! I've gotten a short while of access to the net and while reading Brian's blog (he needs a date stamp I don't have a clue how old that is.) I've felt the need to post. This is a continue of the comment on his blog, tailored a bit.

Refer to His Final Post for the full reason behind this post.


Ok, so just what do I mean by "Welcome to the Human World"?

Well I mean this: Every person on this planet is Human, there's no escaping it. If you're reading this you're human (nice to meet ya!) and that mean you come pre-packaged with every human trait there is; good or bad that's the way it is.

It's Human nature to feel good about something you've done. I know that quite well! I LOVE hearing praise and guess what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling good about getting comments and having readers as long as you don't start getting full of yourself and thinking you did it all on your own. None of the good things I do come from my own strength, every bit of it is from God.

It's hard to give the glory to God for something you're getting praised for, it really is. You're thinking: "AH HA! They like something I did! YES! I want to do more of it and since I did it once I can do it again!" and totally forgetting about God or at the very least putting Him on the back burner. No matter what you might think there are very few of us who's thoughts and feelings differ very much from that; because of this we want to do more of the same thing so people we come back again and praise us another time.

Like I said it's human nature, no escaping it. Heck, if we didn't post about stuff people wanted to read what reason would there be to post? Sure it's not all about people reading, some of it is to help express ourselves and get our feelings out, but it doesn't mean as much, to me anyway, if I post to myself. As humans we need to know someone else knows our hurts and our joys; not to mention our opinions.

One problem, if we're posting about the behavioral of lemmings or the consistency of the perfect apple sauce or even (OH NOES!) about every little thing Nintendo does, (not saying anyone does post about that stuff just being a bit random) and we love it not everyone is going to find those topics as attractive as we might.

So where does that leave us? Not such a great position. We've got the option to follow the crowds and post about only things they'll read about or we can post about lemmings and never get read. End of right? (Nah, I'm not like that.) What we need to do it find a common ground! (Easier said than done I know.) So instead of talking about either Lemmings or Nintendo you can say something like:

"You know? Human beings really act allot like Lemmings! What? NO WE DON'T FOLLOW EACH OTHER OFF CLIFS! Though some of us might! *glances around not picking anyone like RYAN out as an example.*

NO! Humans are like lemmings because for probably very similar reasons we follow. Look at one highly hawt, and charismatic person *again looks around and doesn't pick out anyone like LILY or CELIA to use as examples* to follow and because we're following them and everyone else thinks they're cool they follow too and more follow the followers and so on and so forth.

Take Nintendo for example, no wait they're the hawt charismatic ones.... hm.... bah I guess I can use them! Nearly every major innovation in the gaming industry started with them. The Game Boy pwns the handheld market and is being challenged by the Sony PSP. The N64's rumble pack, is now standard in every system. The WaveBird, first of it's kind for wireless control and now used by its two rival systems. One of those rival systems, the Play Station, even started as an extension to the SNES (or N64 I've heard it said about both). As you can see Nintendo is like the lemming that leads the rest over the cliff into the ocean, only problem is everything they've made has been good. *coughtnotmentioningtheVisualBoycough*"

Ok, maybe not the best example but as most of my long posts like this are late at night it's the best I could do; but still, it's not a scientific run down of Lemming behavior and it's not a step by step analysis of Nintendo but it does show how Lemmings follow one leader to their grave if that's where the leader takes them and it shows a history of Nintendo.

So just because we are human doesn't mean we can't be ourselves. We just have to find our nitch where we can be ourselves while also pleasing the crowds. How else is God going to use us? (Don't answer that, I'm tired and it sounds like a good ending....)

Now as usual when I'm writing incredibly huge posts at 12:30 am I probably have forgotten why I was posting in the first place and the post is..... well.... incomplete. Hopefully something can be gained from this and if it can please, don't glorify me, glorify God. How else could something good be derived from that mess? ^^;;

P.S. I just realized lemmings might just walk off the cliff by themselves, but I don't really remember correctly.... ^^;;

P.S.S oh and Brian, personality tests are cool, I like being told I'm my favorite anime character, just don't look into the answer too much, no one else does. I hope.


I was so taken aback by this entry ... until I read it through. A magnificent rant on real life. Hope you can keep it up!

P.S. I'm posting about this in my blog -- it's irresistible.

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