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The internet is awesome.

It's truely amazing what you can do with the internet. First off just last night (never slept to do this o.o) I was able to host my own Ragnarok Online server! Took me FOREVER to figure out how to get everyone setup properly, and you know? It's the simplist things that can cause the largest problems.

See I was using my friend (Ryan, to whom I'm eternally grateful for putting up with every one of my tweaks o.o) as a lab rat to see if the outside world could connect to my server. Well basicly what I had to do was run an RO exe with settings to mysever instead of the normal server. Not hard, I knew exactly how to do it all since I'd had to do the same thing (almost) for my bot. The only thing was the file I sent Ryan was setup to connect to his local computer not my WAN address.

It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take me a good 5 hours to find that out!
Oh and if anyone who has RO wants to check out my server (still under construction) just email me @ and I'll be happy to send you the file needed and walk you through the steps. =3

ANYWAY! That's the first great thing about the internet, that I, my little lonesome little 15 year old, can host and entire RO server from my computer.

The Second cool thing about the internet is WiFi; specificaly Nintendo WiFi. You see, just today I used one of my two $25 Best Buy Giftcards (and some random other cash) on Mario Kart: DS. It's amazing how it can connect to anybody, anywhere in the world right through my same old internet connection that can host RO, and it can do it so simply (for somoene that knows their way around a router) that it almost doesnt' seem real.

The only challenge I had with this was converting my WiFi connect to my bro's computer from WPA to WEP (since the DS can only connect to a WEP Encrypted router). That was somewhat tricky but I got it done in about a half hour and I doubt he'll notice it for a long time so it's pretty sweet!

Now I can bring teh ownage in my bed before I go to sleep ^____^


73h w0rd! Maybe you and I can race sometime! Like when I get a DS!

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