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Merry New Year!

Woohoo. A brand new year! I'm not quite sure what makes this particular day the day for the new year. After all the Chinese have their new year on a completely different day later in the year. But however today was marked as the new year it's now 2006. 2006! How the heck did 15 and a half-ish years go by since I was born, I mean 1999 seems like it was yesterday (And I'm only 15 ½ O_o). Well anyway, here's my one New Year's Resolution:

To break a New Years Resolution.

That'll be hard to do.....

Anyway, may this new year bring new possiblities into your life and may we all grow just a little bit older and wiser. Jaa Ne!

P.S. The Game of Life is fun ^_^


Wait, so by keeping that resolution you're really breaking it but if you break it you really keep it.

Kind of like if the guy in times square does drop the ball he doesn't drop the ball, but if he doesn't drop the ball he does drop the ball. Only different.

That's quite an unusual paradox -- sort of like you promise to break all promises, but it doesn't quite work out that way.

Brian's example is better than mine -shrug-.

Oh, and Happy New Year to you, too!

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