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Gush with Google Talk

Ok so I'm randomly checking looking for updates to Google Talk and I see a link to and, like the Patrick I am, clicked it to find out what the heck they were talking about; not to mention anything Google endorses I generally like.

So I'm looking around, not understanding a ward of the "What is Jabber?" when in the client section I see.... Trillion Pro! (I don't endorse Trillion, it sucks anyway, there are much better Jabber clients that are free). It was then that I understood what Jabber was, or at least could do.

Anyway, for those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about Jabber allows you to use multi-protocol programs to log into multiple IM services at once, in one program. Which reduces clutter on your desktop, and on your CPU.

So anyway, there's a list of clients and as I'm looking through not really liking any of them since they're all not pretty looking (*coughAIMcough*) I see Gush. Gush looks a lot like a Mac, also runs sorta like one since you can't right click.

I'm hooked. So I download it, do what the post (click the link) says to do to log into Google Talk, and believe it or not, it works! Only one problem, how do I log into the other IM services, like AIM/ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!? (Yahoo is buggy, bewarned, it seems other clients have problems with it too) and alas, the FAQs don't help me at all either.

However, when I was randomly looking around on my @2entwine account (you sign in with your Gmail address but you can also sign in on 2entwine's server) trying to fix a problem with the Newsfeeds, I figured out my problem!

What you have to do is in the Gateway menu add the server "" to get access to their gateways. (However it can freak out and not show some so you have to refresh, sign up with any that are there, ect. to get them to show.) I know for a fact that MSN works, and will even import your contacts, but I've yet to try AIM really and I've only been able to logon with Yahoo! once, maybe twice.

The main point is that it proves the post (click the title) wrong about not being able to connect to other Gateways, which is cool!

Please refer to for more information on Gush and also for downloads.

Oh, and before I end the post I would like to list a few of the super neat features Gush has.

  • Virtual desktops. Gush is a selfcontained virtual desktop that the chat windows exist in. You can move them around like you would any other window and can also have up to 100 virtual desktops, and get this, each can have it's own background.
  • Speaking of backgrounds! You can have a customized background, from a .jpg to a .swf (possibly more, I have to test more). Even cooler is the .swfs are usable. So you can have moives, games, just moving images, anything really, as your background. (I have Castle Defender as one of my backgrounds so I can fling people between conversations >=D)
  • Another great features is Newsfeeds, you can link to RSS, Atom, and a few other feeds that will update at set intervals. This helps make Gush a centralized program for all your communication needs.
For a full list of features please check their Features List.

Welp, I think that's about it! Happy chatting!


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