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Merry Valentine's Day!

Ok, now most of the people who know me should know I don't like holidays. After all they're more hype than anything else. Two years ago I wrote a post about Valentine's Day and I think I like it well enough to repost it.

But, now like Valentines Day, well, I'm not sure I like most days, why is Valentines Day any better than the rest? You can do all the same stuff any other day, why do we need Valentines day to remind us of who we love, shouldn't we not need a reminder? I know I don't. I mean if we love them enough then we should be able to say we love them any day, not just on Valentines, yes there are some people who might need a little nudge, so I guess it's for those people. The way I see it, in oh say like in the 10, 15 years it could turn into something like Christmas, or what Easter has turned into, and why should it become that when the main focus should be on the ones we love and not on the gifts your Boyfriend or Girlfriend gets you, yes they buy you things because they love you but why would you need to have someone say "You get to give your Girlfriend or Boyfriend something today, but not any other time", it's just not needed, I say if I want to give them something I'll just give it to them, I don't need any other reason other than that I love them.

That mostly sums up how I feel about Valentine's Day but I also feel, and this goes for many other holiday's as well, that there's too much expect of you. I mean what if you forget about it (not a particuarly easy thing to do but still) your "significant other" will probably feel that you don't love them as much or something and cause you to spontainously combust; hnd heck, even if you do give them something there's always the presure that it won't be fancy enough, or maybe even be too fancy for the relationship.

To me it jsut seems like too much pressure and added stress. Maybe I'll feel differently when I get older, maybe I won't, but one thing I intend to make sure to do is make my "significant other" feel special year round, not just on holdays.


76 percent of relationships that are started on Valentine's Day will end before April.

More relationships end in the period from February 1st to Feburary 13th than any other time of the year.


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