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The things people don't tell us....


Don't you worry one little bit, here are your 100 percent true facts for February 12th brought to you by Patrick, and a dozen other people

Ok, so recently I was catching up on my and I read this:

The original Bob Barker was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1974.

I dunno about you but that's pretty freaky. It makes you wonder who's actually hosting one of the.... more interesting gameshows around today. I personally think it's a 20 year old that's weirding a plastic suit and a voice changer.
Anyway, that makes me wonder how many other things the universe is keeping for us. I mean come on, blackholes probably don't exist. That brings me to my next quote:

Since 1997, Brookhaven National Laboratory has been running a high energy particle physics experiment that has a 1 in 5000 chance of creating a small black hole that would consume the lab, Long Island and the Earth in a matter of moments.

So this means that the universe is telling the truth but what about the government!? If they're keeping that information from us maybe they're keeping more from us. And how much does it cost to make a black hole anyway?

The amount in taxes paid over a lifetime by the average US citizen is spent by the federal government in about 2.4 seconds.

From my estimates, assumeing a black hole takes 2 weeks to make(including gettings equipment)), about 500 thousand people's lives. So this means that in 2520000000 (2.5 billion

Only 43 percent of all U.S. adults can correctly distinguish between "one billion" and "one million."
) people that physics experement will destroy the Earth, and not to mention probably throw the Sol System out of balance and our colonys on Mars will be flung out into deep space. But wait, this just in! It doesn't matter anyway!

• The small Martian moon Phobos has a slowly decaying orbit and is expected to smash into Mars sometime in the early 22nd Century, complicating plans for future colonization.

Well since Mars will be flung into deep space in a few years anyway we don't really need to worry about that now do we? Nah, so in the time we have left we should also try something new, like this dude!

• Dr. Seuss’ famous children’s book “Green Eggs and Ham” was based off of a personal experience he had with friends at an Ethiopian restaurant in Boston. Seuss had refused to eat the unusual cuisine, despite his friends’ insistence that it was good. After a while of refusal his wife convinced him that he was being rude and should at least try the food. After that Seuss declared that Ethiopian food was his very favorite, and frequented the same restaurant regularly until his death.

Ethiopian food? Now come on, you can do better than that! It's probably not very healthy either.... You should sample another, healthier, kind of food before you obbsses over just one.

• Nutrition researchers found Cantonese food to be the healthiest and most balanced diet of any regional cuisine.

Cantonese? What the heck.... That sounds too eastern for me.... Though, it's probably not eastern enough for some people. I mean Cantonese is probably made is like.... Mongolia or something, anyway, for those people that like EASTern food, you're ruining their economy.

• Since its sweeping westernization, sushi has seen a sharp decrease of popularity in Japan.

SEE! GOSH! Watch, next you'll be stealing thire culture too, Jerks. I wouldn't really want it anyway. It's weird.

• Hindu demographers at the Kharagpur Institute of Technology warn that the expected increase in world population will lead to a shortage of souls by the year 2045.

Remember what I said about the black hole? Yeah, we'll all be dead by that point anyway, and not only that if we're not all dead they'll have too many souls to go around. So.... freaky Hindus. (no offence to the Indians, or other races, that read my blog.)


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