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A community event!

I've just (been reminded actually) had a brilliant idea! This idea involves you, the reader (that alone makes it brilliant). Basically what I'm going to do it give you 8 random Gullible Info facts and you have to tie at least 5 of them together in anyway you choose, be it a story, a news article, a rant, or even a picture side show or something. Then you'll email what you made to me and I'll post the best ones over a week or so!

So, here are the 8 random facts!

A pine cone falls to the ground somewhere in the world every 0.24 seconds.

Six states prohibit licensed department store Santas from touching children.

Washing machines account for 36 percent of household water use.

Fingerprints are known to change slowly over time. After 15 years an individual's fingerprints will only retain 80 percent of their earlier characteristics.

A New York State driver's license is composed of six different synthetic polymers and was rated the most difficult license in the U.S. to forge.

Errant champagne corks kill more than two dozen people every year. One third of fatal champagne accidents occur at weddings.

The average American house contains eight depictions of the American flag.

Statistically speaking, snow sports are eight times more deadly than water sports.

Remember, you have to use at least 5 but you can use all 8 if you want! ^_^
I'll give you all a week or two before i start posting submitions.

P.S. My email:


You're right, it was a good idea.

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