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Name: Hawk-McKain
Location: Colorado, United States
Description: I'm just your average teen some would say. Though I don't really think so. You decide what you want about me, good, or bad.
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Graphic Design on a small scale

So.... You like graphic designing do you? Hm.... You're looking for a place to try out your love on real people and you're interested in working on small images (tiny to some people)? Well I've got this friend. Yeah.

End of post.

Erm.... I mean I've got a friend who's looking for people to enter a contest of his. See he's looking for a new logo for his website. If you'd be interested in trying out for it please look at the bottom of this page for more information!

Real End of Post.


word to his mother.

Hi, Fellow!I like your blog!
I just came across your blog and wanted to
drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with
the information you have posted here.
I have a computer center
site. It pretty much covers computer center related subjects.
Come and check it out if you get time :-)
Best regards!

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