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New Nintendo News!

I have two (three) links for you today, one is an editorial thingy on the Revolution by Matt Casamassina (<3) which I believe is one of the best articles he's writen. It certainly proves why IGN hired him.

I have to say, Matt is a very objective writer, or at least as objective as you can be while being Chief Editor for IGN Revolution. He does a good job with keeping things on a fair playing feild, not just bragging on Revolution and Nintendo and dissing the other two consoles. It's quite refreshing actually. He also has some great podcasts.

A podcast!


As for that second link it's very, extremely actually, exciting news! If you've heard of the devlopment company Nibris I'd be amazed. For everyone who hasn't: they're a small, Polish based, company that's working on two/three games. One for the Nintendo DS (a vertical shooter) and one for Revolution (a Gothic style, Survivor, Horror game) with a possible Revolution version of the DS game.

Look! More, exciting, info!


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